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RHP Bearing

 RHP Bearings were established in 1969 but have a history dating back over 100 years. The merger of three manufacturers (Ransome & Marles (R), Hoffman (H) and Pollard (P) created one of the world’s leading bearing companies.Then finally in 1990 NSK took overall control of RHP forming NSK-RHP.

Being RHP Bearing distributor Indiana Bearings Pvt Ltd has the advantage of offering the widest range of bearing and associated products to the customer as a compare to any other companies. 

Our broad range of product inventory permits the end users to exploit RHP products whenever required and following are the list of products we keep in our stock. Dealing in both RHP Indian products as well as RHP Imported Bearings. Feel free to Contact us about the RHP Bearing products we supply.

RHP  Bearing Price List.


Contact us directly if you have a need for any RHP Bearing products. Indiana Bearings Pvt Ltd is a distributor for RHP products and will provide you with “value beyond the part.”


 Indiana Bearings Pvt Ltd is based in Mumbai, India and growing as top organization of bearings dealer, supplier, exporter and service provider since 1992. We are dealing with bearing with assured quality and safety. We offer full Service warranty and Replacement guarantee. For any kind of enquiry, Contact us. “