Importer, Distributor for THK Bearing

THK Linear Bearing DistributorWe are distributor of THK products in India. “THK” stands for ” Toughness,” ” High Quality,” and ” Know-how.” We aim to contribute to the development of industry by focusing on these three principles in our service providing and product consultation.

Being a THK Bearing distributor  Indiana Bearings Pvt Ltd has the advantage of offering the widest range of bearing and associated products to the customer as a compare to any other companies.


THK Indegenous and Imported Bearing Price List.


Contact us directly if you have a need for any THK Bearing products. Indiana Bearings Pvt Ltd is a distributor for THK products and will provide you with “value beyond the part.”


 N.P Bearings Pvt Ltd is based in Mumbai, India and growing as top organization of bearings dealer, supplier, exporter and service provider since 1992. We are dealing with bearing with assured quality and safety. We offer full Service warranty and Replacement guarantee. For any kind of enquiry, Contact us. “ 



  • Caged Ball LM Guide (SCR, SHS, SHW, SNR, SRS, SSR)
  • Caged Roller LM Guide (SRG, SRN, SRW)
  • Caged Ball Ballscrews (HBN, SBK, SBN)
  • Linear Actuator (KR, SKR, CKR, CRES, GL, VLA)
  • Miniature LM Guide (RSR, MX, ER, RSR 1 and 2)
  • Linear Motion Guide (HSR, SR, HRW, NR, CSR, JR, GSR, FBW and FBL, HR, JUP)
  • Ballsplines (LBS, LT and LF, LTR)
  • Cross Roller Bearings (RA-C, RB and RE, RB/R-USP, RU)
  • Ballscrew Spline (BNS)
  • R Guide (HCR, HMG)
  • Bushes (LM)
  • Link Balls (BL)
  • Special Purpose LM Guides (RSR, M1. M2)
  • Ground & Rolled Ballscrews (EBB/EPB, BLK, BNFN, BNF, MTF, Support units EK/BK/FK/EF/BF and FF)
  • Machine Elements
  • CAM Follower
  • Cross Roller Guide VR & VB
  • Cross Roller Table VRT/VRT-A/VRU
  • Linear Bushes LME/LM/LMF/LMK/LMH/SC
  • LM Stroke
  • Miniature Stroke MST
  • Roller Follower NAST/RNAST/NART
  • Spherical Bearing
  • Micro LM Systems (BN, LT, RSR1/2)